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Contract of employment

It is a legal requirement to have a contract of employment from day one with any business. A contract of employment is the legally binding document between an employer and an employee.

Contracts will outline an employees terms and conditions of employment with your company, such as:

● Start Date

● Salary

● Location

● Overtime

● Benefits (such as pension)

We understand that HR can be time consuming , but it is what we are great at so let us take that pressure off you so you can carry on doing what you are great at within your business.

Employee Handbook

An Employees handbook is one of the most important documents for any company.

It is important you get it right, this can help any business ensure they are acting fairly and consistently with all employees, outlining expectations, best practice and procedures you want all employees to follow, it can be invaluable in some tribunal cases which is why you need to get it right.

Twin Oaks HR can work with you to create or update your current handbook to ensure you are legally compliant and have all the relevant information required for your business.

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